WestWorld Welcome

A Wild West-themed welcome region for the open grid WestWorld, with a very complete selection of Linda Kellie freebies in the main building, as well as freebie shops with content from other designers elsewhere on the region. There are also community meeting spaces, including a conference room and a bar, teleport links to in-world destinations, and a hypergate to other worlds.

Hyperica Central

This is a jump region for grids running older versions of OpenSim and located in the central coordinates. It automatically forwards avatars along to the main Hyperica hyperport, the largest on the hypergrid. Gates to all the major grids and shopping destinations. Includes some small freebie shops with hyperlinks back to their parent store locations.


Welcome region on Adrianopolis, a small educational grid owned by Philadelphia’s Drexel University. Inside the city, there’s a miscellaneous collection of freebies, including textures, plants, starting avatars and animations from Snoopies, D&J, Sam Suell, Oni Kenkon,  and OpenVCE. Large outdoor conference facilities. Includes a hypergate portal to other worlds. Landing point is under ground.

vCaltech 1

Welcome region of the vCaltech grid, owned by the California Institute of Technology. Includes a small selection of freebies, including avatars and clothing, and meeting areas. Region uses the excellent — and free — Universal Campus build by Michael Cerquoni (OSGrid’s Nebadon Izumi).