Category: Vehicles

  • Good Region

    A freebie island on the Lost Paradise grid. Also home to a country club with a dance floor, a Maltese restaurant, an animal sanctuary, and a park with giant statues of King Kong and a dinosaur. Freebies include CC0-licensed mesh kits from Clutterfly, textures, and more.

  • Aerion

    Aerion is the home of Unity Battle & RP Systems and Falcon Weapons. It is a medieval-themed sim and is open to all. You will find finely crafted and scripted weapons, tournament and arena systems, food and role play economy systems, and more.

  • Aachen

    Shopping region on ZanGrid. Most items sold only for local currency, but there are some freebies, as well. Check out the Aachen Freebie Center in the Galerie Am Johannisbach, with CC0-licensed content based on Linda Kellie kits. Furniture, home decorations, and accessories.

  • Isle of Traditions

    The Isle of Traditions is the home of Strummer and Kally Skytower on the Lost Paradise grid, featuring the Rusty Nail bar, the Monarch River Yacht paddleboat, and the Skytower Designs clothing boutique, which sells fashions for local currency.

  • Pangea

    A sprawling 2.5 square kilometer area — approximately 38 standard regions — on the DigiWorldz grid designed specifically for vehicles. Miles of roadways, a freeway, and ample room for flying vehicles. Surrounded by another 2.5 square kilometers of water for sailing. There is a shopping mall here, a nursery, and a vehicle store, all with prices in local grid currency. …

  • 2Worlds Airport

    This is the welcome region for the 2Worlds grid. It is an airport which features lots of planes and even a mini-plane freebie in the hangars. There are social areas in the airport to hang out at.

  • Absolutely Bodacious Confusion

    This is a freebie region on OSGrid where literally everything on the region is free. From furniture to vehicles, you can fill your inventory with anything you want. New content is added regularly and has a big selection of mesh objects. License terms were not posted so be cautious of using these items commercially.

  • Steam

    A steampunk-themed region on OSgrid. Includes some free original creations by Vbinnia Radek, licensed for any use except resale. Other freebies distributed without provenance or license terms — get notecard at landing point for more details.