Welcome region of the ATEK Grid, an open grid which allows people to connect self-hosted regions for free. Includes a directory of in-world destinations, a staff directory, a land rental office for those who prefer to have their regions professionally hosted, and store rentals. Shopping uses the GT in-world currency, which is not currently available for hypergrid visitors. There are no freebie stores on the welcome region.


Welcome region of Spellscape, a UK-based magic-themed role play code. Includes an OpenSim viewer tutorial. Includes a little town filled with freebies stores and a land rental office. Free stores and residential parcels also available, but only for residents.

Freebies include starting avatars, hair, clothing, shoes, and other items. There is a large number of Linda Kellie items, free to use in any way on any grid, and also some items for sale to local residents.

Terre Accueil

Welcome region of the French-language SirinHGpole grid. Includes an event venue, a land rental office, and gates to other on-grid destinations as well as to other grids. There is also a freebie store with a collection of Linda Kellie basics — mens and womens clothing, avatars, animations, and accessories. There is also a photo studio, a cafe, and a bar.

Murat River

Welcome to the small settlement set in the beautiful middle eastern mountainous Murat River valley. Here you will find the river running from sea level up to the lake at Badr Jabaal surrounded by tall snow covered mountains.

Central in the valley is the small village where you can find a store, resource packs and many copyable items. Sit down and enjoy the peace at the river terrace, have a cup at Reynols Tea House or explore the infamous Ghul prison in Mayer just outside the village border — moved from Second Life. You will also find a small mosque.

Littlefield Welcome

Welcome region on the Littlefield grid.  Includes links to other in-world destinations via Littlefield Hub train station, a land rental office with full sims starting at $20 a month, as well as smaller residential plots starting at just $3 a month. Region includes Littlefield Garden Center, Littlefield shopping mall, Littlefield Homes, Littlefield Adult plus many more. Child avatars strictly prohibited. Stores are full of freebies — clothing, furniture, accessories, and more, some with a adult theme. Littlefield is a community grid that is supportive of alternative lifestyles such as BDSM, LGTB, Gor, and Furry.