Category: Welcome Region

  • Sinful Grid

    Sinful grid regions come with VIVOX voice, money module for the currency C$ and are Hypergrid Enabled. Features are Search, Classifieds, offline email messages, and transaction checking terminals are available. Sinful has fast servers running on Intel Xeon hardware, with 32 GB RAM, 3.47 GHZ CPU’s, 8 core processors, and 250Mb/Second upload speeds. The grid is is run by …

  • Welcome

    Welcome region of the Second World grid. Includes a small selection of starting freebies, and teleports to other in-world destinations.

  • World of Seasons

    Welcome region of the German-language Greenworld grid. Includes teleport gates to in-world destinations and to other grids. Halloween-themed content currently available, including a free Halloween-themed OAR.

  • 3rd Life Grid.Welcome

    Welcome region on the 3rd Life Grid. Includes full avatars, skins, clothing, animation overriders, houses, and a wide selection of over freebies, as well as teleports to other in-world destinations, and a building sandbox. There is also a performance stage, Podex money machines and an Opensimworld teleporter to other grids.

  • Neiferleaf

    Neiferleaf is the welcome region of the fantasy-themed role playing grid Bartelbe. It features lavender meadows, the True Stonehenge replica, the Magic Grotto, the fantasy Tower Castle near the 1.5-scale Epic Castle and many other shared creations by the OpenSim community.

  • Phaandoria Welcome

    Welcome region of the private, residential German-language Phaandoria Grid. Explore the castle to find some unique freebies, resident mailboxes, and event announcements.

  • M001

    Welcome region on the small, private Nordland grid,  set in in a world of snowy tundra. Landing point is under water.