How to hypergrid

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In order to travel the hypergrid, you must first start your travels on a hypergrid-enabled grid.

You can create a free account on any of the following public grids: OSgrid (U.S.),  Metropolis (Europe), FrancoGrid (France), GermanGrid (Germany). Or any other hypergrid-enabled grid — more are coming online daily. You can also start out on your own hypergrid-enabled standalone grid or any other hypergrid-enabled grid.

We recommend starting out on OSgrid because it is the largest grid. In addition, the most popular viewers for traveling the grids  all have OSgrid as the default starting world. Every other grid also posts connection instructions on its Website.

We recommend the Firestorm viewer, which is the most popular in both Second Life and OpenSim.

Once you are logged into OSgrid, click on a hypergrid address of the region you’d like to visit in our directory. A hypergrid address looks like this: They will often be based on :9000, or :8002.

A teleport window will open up inside your viewer — click “Teleport” to travel to your new grid.

You can also hit CTRL-M to bring up the map dialog window and paste the hypergrid address into the search field.

Here is a great video by National University Professor David Taylor:

You can also open the Map window (click on the “Map” button at bottom right of screen or press Ctrl-M) and copy-and-paste the hypergrid address into the search box. Click on the “Search” button and then click teleport once the destinations appears on the list

Finally, you can teleport from one world to another by using a hypergate. These gates can be found on many grids, and offer a choice of several destinations to travel to. Hypergates are normally activated by clicking on them or walking through them, and some have buttons on the outer edge, or nearby, for selecting a destination.

Hypergrid with Hyperica

Hyperica is an onine region inb the Outworldz at Hyperica.

The Hyperica hyperport has 120 gates to the most popular destinations on the hypergrid,   organized into welcome regions to the main grids, shopping and freebie destinations, educational destinations, and culture and activities.

Simply walk onto a gate to teleport — be careful not to step on a gate by mistake!

Walk through one of the blue gates on Hyperica to travel to a hypergrid destination.